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Afun Dheverin Hotels and Resorts is a beloved brand name. It was founded by two friends, Mohamed Ahmed and Ahmed Mohamed. Their first luxury hotel was opened in Fuvahmulah, Maldives in 2000 and went public in 2002. All of their properties are fully owned and managed by them.
Afun Dheverin Hotels and Resorts are global. As of October 2017, they own and manage 99 properties in over 30 countries around the globe. There are plentiful in Maldives and Spain and has a strong presence in Middle East, Asia and Europe.
In the 2017 results of the World’s Best Awards from Travel+ Leisure magazine, 9
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This is a leadership style in which the managers give freedom for the employees to make their own decisions and a little guidance will be received by the managers. However, the managers will provide all the materials needed to complete the task. The employees should solve their problems on their own. They are free to use their own methods and ideas. Even though the employees are handed over the authority, the manager has to take responsibilities for their actions.
When the company is well-known for organizing huge events such as anniversary ceremony of the business, the employees of Afun Dheverin will be highly talented and specialized. Hence, they are likely to be skilled and will have the knowledge and capability to finish their job with little guidance. Therefore, if the managers of Afun Dheverin Hotels and Resorts use laissez-faire leadership style, the employee will feel that the company values their skills and believe in their capability since the company trusts them with such responsibilities. Moreover, when they are given the freedom to use their own ideas and methods to do the work, they will be satisfied and passionate. Due to this, the employees will be
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Furthermore, it will be unlikely to misbehave or say no to a manager who is well respected, admired and has a strong approach. For example, that manager approached to an employee with a task that the employee does not like and would have rejected on the spot, if it were anyone else. However, the strong charisma led that employee to accept it. In that situation, the manager had referent power over that staff.  EXPERT POWER
According to Stapleton (2014), expert power is a skill, knowledge or a capability which someone has more than his fellows. Therefore, he will be able to influence others with the use of those skills, knowledge and capabilities. The words of the person holding the expert power will have weight and means of influencing the outcome of the individuals where his field of proficiency applies. Therefore, expert power is known as a powerful asset.
Managers of Afun Dheverin can use this power to persuade their staffs. They can share their knowledge and skills with the staffs and build a closer relation with them. The managers should motivate the employees and work with them, instead of giving always giving out

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