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Agora is a huge shopping mall located in Dhanmondi which recently opened a branch in Mohammadpur to expand the business.Similarly since Mr.Rahim lives nearby Mohammadpur,as a business analyst I am going to investigate market potential for an e-commerce opportunity of grocery store in the local area, including delivery service. I would suggest him first to hire a small apartment for running his own business by setting up the necessary requirements. Before proceeding Mr. Rahim should have good knowledge about some following things. Both PEST & SWOT analysis are applied before starting entire business which is a strategic tool for understanding market growth, decline, business position, potential & direction for operations. PEST- Political, Economic,…show more content…
•Technological – Innovations, access to technology, licensing and patents, manufacturing, research funding, global communications. SWOT •Strengths – The advantages over the competition concerning this project. •Weaknesses – The disadvantages internally compared within competitors. •Opportunities – Current external trends waiting to be taken advantage of. •Threats – External movements which may lead to problem sand have a negative impact on business. Market Type Mr. Rahim’s Clothing Store is a short fast-moving consumer goods market selling products of a high value with a long life spanand is a part of grocery store having a huge number of potential buyers and many competitors, creating a competitive market where a single seller or buyer can 't affect market prices. It includes cosmetics, fast foods & daily snacks such as SUBWAYS,Fried rice,Sadwich,sausages, Popcorns,fresh drinks &seasonal fruit juices, clothings & fabrics,regular furnitures, household decoration parts . Another section includes vegatables, fish-meat, daily cooking stuffs etc.If his grocery store alter prices to increase the income, the customers will go to competitors in the community and a single customer can 't change a market price for small number of customers who are purchasing the goods. But the buyer can affect a price of product in a specific shop, if he is purchasing a larger amount…show more content…
Due to thick population of Mohammadpur and young male & female generations prefer coming to the store & choosing according to their choice. Customers ' distribution is spread across the Mohammadpur in the walking and driving distance from the clothing store, which could motivate customers to purchase from known local establishment. Level of competition Mr Rahim’s grocery store in Mohammadpur has direct and indirect competition for the planned e-commerce, but none of the businesses are offering mixed items such as readymade shirts, pants, bodysprays, socks,trousers. Moreover it has Frozen food items. Unlike Mr. Rahim other competitors lack extra additional facilities & some of them deals with ordinary products only. If Rahim’s grocery store introduce an e-commerce with a home delivery, there will be no efficient competitors around the community Distribution

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