Swot Analysis Of Air Asia

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Corporate social responsibility Air Asia try to create himself by means of the pleasantest plus closest low cost airline. Air Asia have understood the important key of being a part of create pleasure, smile and cooperation and a driving force for the better society. Therefore, the company decide to establish the corporate social responsibility which have cover some few areas: 1.1 responsibility toward the customers Air Asia always followed the concept of consumer is the heart of the services. They have determine to operate the business for consumer fulfillment by providing the quality service especially in term of safety. All of the air fleet of air Asia have been developed as product freshly focused from the ‘Airbus’ developed facility in Toulouse, France, with its reputation international manufacturing. Air Asia have develop the aircraft maintenance system and safety training system for all related agents include the pilots, crew and all the employee. The emergency situation training and the dependable safety inspection system have ensure that Air Asia have strictly operate under the international safety standard, with a semi- annual inspection by the department of civil aviation and a regular safety inspection by others global agencies. The services which provide to the customer are determined with the focus on customers. The company wishes to provide inexpensive, trustworthy and on time performance services with the continuous flight control. In 2013, the on time

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