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Total Quality Management “Implementation in Pakistan International Airline with comparison of Emirates Airline & Saudi Arabian Airline”


Airline industry is the most important element in leisure/tourism as well as conduct international business, which plays significant role for the growth of global economy. Airline industry is worldwide biggest industry; in 2006 the revenue from airline industry has been generated more than $12.9 billion (IATA, 2007a). Globally estimated direct contribution for national GDP was $140-145 billion (IATA, 2007b).There is lots of attraction in the airline industry. The airline industry will progress more and more in future because of continuous increasing of tourists, convenience of travelling, increase
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The first national and international airline of Pakistan is Pakistan International Airline (PIA), has got the certification of ISO 9000. It has been declared at 31st march 2007 by the top management that PIA is suffering 28.6 billion PKR losses and at 31st December 2008 losses has been almost cross 78.3 billion PKR. PIA goes through loss, higher management has given the reason that the Pakistani currency doesn‘t have much value in world‘s marketplace and the cost…show more content…
In starting there were two DC-3s fleets operated with three crew members and initially covered routes were most domestic area with addition of Delhi, Calcutta-Dacca. Orient Airways itself with limited capital and resource could not expect earning because it was a privately owned company. So therefore, after independence of Pakistan, Government of Pakistan invited Orient Airways for merger. The result of that merger was beginning of Pakistan international Airline on 10th January 1955 www.piac.com. According to Annual Report (2009), PIA currently operates 46 aircraft in its fleet having a range of advanced aircraft, Boeing 777 airplane and Airbus A-310.Pakistan International Airline is the 16th largest flying carrier in Asia, PIA covers 73destination worldwide and 24 domestic. The vision and mission of PIA is Customer Focus and Continual Improvement, to achieve this aim the higher management of PIA has undertaken a number of pioneering initiatives throughout its history.PIA has been divided into thirteen departments controlled by 19,263 employees unfortunately PIA is suffering losses, due to heavy salaries of employees because there are 440 employees per aircraft, whereas the international ratio is 150 to 250employees. Mainly PIA is owned by Government of Pakistan having 87% share and other shareholder are 13% so therefore a main drawback of political influence is present at high level.

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