Swot Analysis Of Al Meera

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RETAIL OUTLETS RELATED REFERENCE TO AL MEERA HYPER AND SUPERMARKET Prepared and submitted by: EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The study is based on the marketing opportunity in the fast moving consumer goods market in Qatar with reference to Marketing Management. We do the above study with reference to Al meera hypermarket and Supermarket. The retail sector has got wide relevance in the marketing of FMC goods market because the people now wish to purchase from the nearest outlet than driving to an unknown place. By analysing this fact, we are trying to find the opportunities available in the retail market with regard to Al meera group. We concentrate on the opportunities and threats which are to be faced by the retail outlets in Qatar…show more content…
In business world, the strategy is used to denote the tools and ideas developed by the company to compete with the other companies. Marketing strategy has the vision to succeed in the market in any situation of competition from the industry. It is adopted by an enterprise in response to the changes taking place in the country. The mission of marketing strategy is to make the marketing efforts of the company accurate and effective in the light of changes in marketing policies of competitors. The retail chain is aware about the following factors in formulating marketing strategy: - a. Financial strength of the company. b. Marketing needs of the company. c. Policies of competitors. d. Market situations. e. Non financial resources in the company. OBJECTIVES MARKETING 1. The goal of marketing is to increase the consumption of goods and services 2. To develop goodwill through selling quality product. 3. It will surely help in reducing the cost of the product. 4. To maintain price stability in the market. 5. Focuses on the wellbeing of the

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