Swot Analysis Of Amazon

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Industry Overview Amazon is primarily in the industry of online shopping which entails selling a wide range of products from anywhere from books to electronics that are easily accessible to consumers over the Internet. Although Amazon is predominantly an online shopping company the official status of this business is the industry of retail-catalog & mail order house with a SIC code of 5961. Over they years Amazon has dominated the industry of online shopping and is the world leader in this business environment. Online shopping was introduced in 1994 with very few products to sell. The very first products to sell over the Internet were items that were familiar to consumers such as chocolate and wine. As expansion of this industry started to begin more and more businesses started to enter this market because they saw the untapped potential for profits. This introduced new and unique products that consumer could buy online with just a click of a button. Amazon recognized this and started to produce products that consumer would buy such as the Kindle e-reader and the Fire TV. This gave Amazon a major competitive advantage over their competitors. Although it seems as though Amazon is primarily doing business in online shopping they are also in other industries such as cloud computing and media streaming, which make Amazon a very threatening company to compete with. At the start Amazon had a very difficult time expanding their business and achieving positive profits. It has

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