Swot Analysis Of American Apparel

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3.3 SWOT Analysis

Growth opportunities may exists for American Apparel from the overall increased demand in plus size clothing. This is being driven by a range of social, economic, politics, technological and other factors, which has seen a long-term trend emerge for greater problem obesity throughout the developed world, especially in Western Europe and American.
3.4 Assumption
Key assumption is linked to the influences of the internal and external upon market and company behaviour in the future and include following:
 Economic stability in the UK plus size market
 Massive online sales
 Sustained growth of the plus size market through continued drive from social problem which is the obesity problem.
 Competition with lots competitors
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The overall strategy is based on sub-strategies of new product development, market development in the UK, advertising, social networking and combined diversified strategies where new products are targeted at new B2C and B2B user groups through the UK. Online sales will be the main sale channel for American Apparel +.
3.5.3 Marketing mixes
The marketing activities to support strategies for achieve American Apparel’s objective can be widely categorised into: product, price, distribution channels, promotion and communication. Product:
 branded clothing and accessories (skirts, shorts, dresses, etc)
 Maximise the benefit in terms of quality and fashion
 Extended to sub-rand American Apparel + which has full range of clothing dedicated for overweight people’s use. (Fill the product gaps)
 ‘Made in American’ products Price
 Set different price points on different products.
 Innovative value-added point for products such as pattern design.
 Control over-priced product
 Price strategies for American Apparel + will concentrate on building long-term growth and make the brand become market leader
 Compared with competitors price Distribution Channels
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 More selective on higher-priced products’ stock
 Development of distributor network will be put in the potential market such as East European states and the Far East.
 Pay more attention on website sales for achieve the targets of online
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