Business Analysis: SWOT Analysis Of Apple Inc.

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SWOT analysis - Definition SWOT is the analysis tool that used for strategic planning. Besides, SWOT can divide two categories. The first category is strengthened and weakness. Strengths mean the competence of the organization and weakness means the absence of capability or drawback of the business. They evaluate the internal environment of the organization. The internal environment includes the competitive environment of the organization. Furthermore, the second category is opportunity and threat. They evaluate the external environment for strategy formulation and selection. SWOT analysis tool can analysis Apple Inc.’s internal environment. It shows the greatest advantage that allows companies to stand in the market and confront the…show more content…
is the world 's leading technology company whose revenue comes from this. It is the second-largest smartphone manufacturer. It became the first U.S. Company to surpass 700 billion U.S. dollars and became the world 's largest public company in 2014. As a result, Apple Inc. is far ahead in leadership. - Design and technology The reason for Apple Inc. has great brand equity is its design as well as the technology it uses. Apple has been very elegant in product design. At the same time, with this exquisite design, it is a machine that offers the best performance. All of this is running on MacOS, another software that is known for its efficiency. - Distribution Apple Inc. has 470 stores in 17 countries around the world. On the other hand, it also sells through trading partners, online channels, and other upscale retail outlets. Entering an Apple Inc. retail outlet is a fantastic experience as there is a genius bar that directly solves the customer problem in the retail store. As a result, Apple Inc. 's concentration in sales and service distribution is legendary. - Leader ( Steve…show more content…
is focusing on brand awareness and product improvements by increasing its financial investments in marketing and advertising. They are expanding their retail footprint by opening more stores worldwide, and they are looking to keep up with the adoption of cost-leadership strategies competition, through the implementation of product differentiation strategy, hoping to continue to be the leader of new technological innovation. - Apple Inc.’s future strategic position Apple Inc. still believes itself in the growth or development as it brings new hope and improves products to market in the near future. Apple Inc. is the most innovative product developer and the image of Apple Inc. is positive. It allows to cover the integration with its distributors, suppliers and competitors. Apple Inc. 's main business is very powerful that it can bring huge profits. Although the recession has negatively affected many companies in the past few years, Apple Inc. was one of the few brands to show significant profits during this period. Apple Inc. 's compensation for Windows on Mac systems has also attracted many Window users and expected to increase OSX 's user base. Besides, Apple Inc. should not depend on iPhones to make the profit. Apple Inc. can develop the Apple watch or other electronic products to make the perfect profit in the

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