Swot Analysis Of Apple Inc.

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SWOT analysis

- Definition

SWOT is the analysis tool that used for strategic planning. Besides, SWOT can divide two categories. The first category is strengthened and weakness. Strengths mean the competence of the organization and weakness means the absence of capability or drawback of the business. They evaluate the internal environment of the organization. The internal environment includes the competitive environment of the organization. Furthermore, the second category is opportunity and threat. They evaluate the external environment for strategy formulation and selection.
SWOT analysis tool can analysis Apple Inc.’s internal environment. It shows the greatest advantage that allows companies to stand in the market and confront the threats of other competitors.

1. Strengths
- Strong brand image
Being a leadership position in the electronics industry that requires the brand equity to be high. The value of Apple Inc. brand appraised at the US $118.9 billion in 2015. Besides, Apple Inc. is the number one of value brand among all the companies in 2016.
- Innovative products
One of Apple Inc. 's key strengths over the years is the innovative products line up. Apple Inc. has introduced their innovative products which is the main advantage of Apple Inc. Initially with the MacBook, iPod, iPhone, IPad, I-watch. In short, Apple covers almost all personal desires everything.
- Leadership position
Apple Inc. is the world 's leading technology company whose revenue comes from
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