Swot Analysis Of Arab Restaurant

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II. Vision and mission of our organization (Arabic Restaurant): Vision

Our vision is to become a distinctively recognized restaurant that serves in the kingdom with a unique brand of taste and refreshing trends of hospitality. We aspire to be one of the best not only in Bahrain but in the gulf region as well. We are customer oriented and we want to set higher standards for customer service.

Mission statement
Our mission is:
• To ensure consistency in our operations in order to serve delicious food on a regular basis and setting high quality standards for our meals.
• To provide a traditional, beautiful, fresh and the most comfortable restaurant outlet which would complement our delicious cuisine, build a place which is not only delightful but also compatible for everyone including the staff.
• To provide the most unique and consistent customer service that would exceed customer 's expectations. An experience to customers that allows them to feel something different and thus making them our loyal visitors. Greeting everyone with a friendly and positive attitude.
• To ensure that we use the most fresh ingredients in our meals and maintain cleanliness in every part of the restaurant. The primary motive is to treat all customers equally and getting their feedback is also very important.
• To become the best choice for all our guests who wish to dine in by offering a wide range of varieties in daily meals at reasonable prices. We have established ourselves

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