Swot Analysis Of Arby's Fast Foods

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Task 2 (LO2) Executive Summary: Firstly, the Company taken for this assignment is the Arby’s fast-food. An internal and external analysis will be made on the above Company. Added to this, link between strategic positioning and marketing tactics in general and of the company will be discussed. Finally, the target market, product and services of what the company offers will be seen and Payne and Ballantyne Model is going to be discussed. Lastly, following the external analysis been made, strategic marketing objectives will be created using the 7ps and others. Introduction of Company: It was established in Ohio on 1964 and it is the second-largest fast-service sandwich restaurant chain in America in terms of units and third in terms of income.…show more content…
The opportunities and threats signify the external, environmental impacts, probable future measures and conditions that can also worsen or improve the current situation. (Borow, 2012). In the case of Arby’s the Swot is as follows: Finally, the drive of using Porter’s 5 forces of competition as one of the tools is to assess the market and competition, the micro environment (Management Class, 2012). In the case of Arby’s the five forces are as follows: After having been analysed, it can be seen that Arby’s has placed itself in fairly good place however, the Competitive rivalry is strong and the company should try to keep its competitive advantage. Moreover, it can also be seen that the threats of substitutes and bargaining power of buyers are quite strong so Arby’s would have to increase its products/services quality. 2.2 The links between strategic positioning and marketing…show more content…
Their target market are mostly for the young ones, thus, this is why they tend to build their marketing tactics and brand positioning accordingly to the taste, needs and demand of the younger population. Their brand positioning is all about offering quality and reasonable price, yet prepared competently, as well as an experience that is kind, welcoming, and appropriate. At Arby’s, they take pride on offering both quick-service speed and fast-casual care, which are mostly liked by the younger
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