Swot Analysis Of BMW

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1. High Cost Structure
BMW are well known company that produce expensive cars for those who dream to have a luxury car. Suit with its price, all the cars were came from expensive materials. It is to ensure that the outcome manage to compete with others competitors that also produce expensive cars or sports car for example, Audi, Mercedes and other else. Also can sustain in any situation, weather or condition of the road. For example, in order to build this car, BMW company has joined together with Aluminium Stewardship Initiative or known as ASI since 2012. ASI is the company that produce aluminium and supply it to BMW’s company in making the cars. Most well known company nowadays use this material in making their cars because of its characteristic which was lighter and easy to shape it than the steel. For interior of the cars, BMW’s company choose high quality materials to gives the passenger and the driver comfortable feelings and also an enjoyment along their trip. For sure all of this come with high prices that the company must face on.
2. Weak Brand Portfolio Too many and tough competition with other companies that also a well known automobile such as Mercedes, Audi and other else. For this company, its only target for luxury market segment that only target for the elite class. This give a huge impact to this company because of not each people has high monthly income who are in categories low class and medium class to afford this car. Plus with

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