Bank Of America Mission Statement

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Executive Summary
In this report, it foucs on the marketing strategy of Bank of America. I aslo provide the
1. Introduction
1.1 Bank Background
Bank of America has founded 113 years ago on October 17, 1904, as the Bank of Italy by Amadeo Pietro Giannini in San Francisco. They targeted on the needs of the immigrants who wanted to settle in United State at that time. The bank name was changed to Bank of America in October 2000 (Bank of America., 2017). The revenue for the fiscal year 2016 was US$89.701 billion and the net income of the bank is US$17.906 billion.
As the nation’s first coast-to-coast banking system, financial institution of the united states has greater than 5,700 retail banking offices and near 17 million ATMs that serve greater than 55 million client and small company customers. overall of 20 million, its active on line banking customer base is probable the most important of any economic facilities.
1.2 Mission and Vision of Bank of America
Vision of the Bank of America is to continue to help their customers gorw and demonstrate how they can turn opportunities to reality.
Bank of America mission statement is “ Making financial lives of people who do business with us better” (Bank of America, n.d.).
1.3 Brian Thomas Moynihan ( CEO, Bank of America)
The current Chief Executive Officer and Director, Brian Thomas Moynihan has been assigned to this position since 01 January 2010 and has been its Chairman since 01 October 2014. He was graduated from Brown
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