Swot Analysis Of Barry's Tea

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1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This marketing plan is to prepare a marketing plan for Barry’s tea which include, analyse of Barry’s tea current market, elaboration of an advertisement budget and provide same recommendations regarding marketing mix. In today society, Health problem seem to be a great force in shaping Tea market worldwide. This has motivated consumers even more towards green tea. In Irish market, Barry’s Tea brand has been chosen as one of the best brand regarding its main range which includes the most popular teas with health benefit that help to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle. The value of Irish tea market is approximate €78 million at selling retail price. The market is fragmented with Lyons Tea as leader with 43% of market share and Barry’s Tea come second with 40% which is value to 31.2 million in sales per annul for the retailers. The increase of unemployment due to the economic downturn as affected Barry’s tea sales as Work place in Ireland is where most tea consumption happens. Consumer satisfaction or quality has never been Barry’s tea major issues but it challenge is to attract and retain new customers. As the result Barry’s tea has innovate it marketing communication mix to take over it major competitor Lyons and lead the tea market. 2. INTRODUCTION Barry’s tea is a national brand with a rich tradition of 100years and employs 72 people. Ever since it has achieved magnificent achievement in becoming a household name and the brand flourish on

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