Swot Analysis Of Beauty Salon

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4.1 Market Analysis People nowadays value about having a relaxing lifestyle after hectic works. Beauty salon with spa and massage service is a good place to relax after work. It also helps to groom one’s personal image and increase self-confidence. This leads to the booming of beauty centr at any place. The market of the Muslim beauty salon has great potential in growing where the Muslim populations showed a young demographic profile and majority with middle-income. Those middle-income workers usually have higher willingness to spend on beauty service as they pursue a good lifestyle. They have strong purchasing power in the market and encourage the growth of the Muslim beauty industry. The Muslim women’s custom to protect and guard their dignity also contributes to the prosperity of Muslim beauty salon. Muslim women can experience beauty service comfortably at Muslim-women-specific beauty salon due to the Islamic rules of covering to hold the high esteem of women. Muslimah Beauty is one of the prior Muslim-women-specific beauty service providers within Changlun area. Their current key customers are the Muslim women within Changlun area who has middle level of income that likes to enjoy beauty service. There are sometimes customers from Jitra as there is not much Muslim beauty salon at Jitra. Therefore, Muslimah Beauty has the opportunity to expand their market to Jitra by opening a branch. As their business developed, competition among Changlun area became stronger. One of

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