Swot Analysis Of Beulah

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The company ( Beulah Group ) has the latest mill processing machine (GIME Drum sieve ) , the machine is multipurpose other competitors cannot match its production . It has self in built tones production determinant (10 million, 20million etc ). Presently the company production is at 25% utilization .
A recap of the present situation is the fact that Beulah revenue is declining and has consistently reported loss for the past five years .
The ownership structure is detailed below
Share Holders Unit Holdings Weight
Beulah Holdings 2,515,426 50.00%
MKL Ltd 1,014,875 20.29%
Access Clinics 1,000,000 20.71%
Adeniyi Farms 469,699 9.00% 5,000,000 100.00%

Our mission is to be the leading fast moving consumer goods company that transforms the industry by offering prompt value ( processed and package goods ) to consumers an affordable price at all times not compromising the quality and value for the consumers .
Our objective is to always reach out to consumers promptly via most efficient means at affordable costs to sections of disadvantaged and low-income segments of society
For the purpose of this paper, Beulah goals and objective will classified into financial goals and non-financial goals
1. To attain 2% of the market share from the market topline – this implies that turnover of Beulah at the end of the financial year will hover around £1.065million-£2.6 million band . The long term plan is to have 30% share of
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