Swot Analysis Of Bharti Airtel

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Bharti Airtel communication Executive summary The reason for choosing this project was to understand the business of Bharti Airtel and also to study the market of Greece. Bharti Airtel is an Indian company and it is one of the largest service provider in India. Bharti Airtel having good reputation in India as well as in other countries. And reason for choosing Greece country as it is bankrupt country so it will help the Greece government to reduce the burden. And also help the Airtel Company to stars it business in new and dynamic country. Athens will be the good market to choose as it is a capital and many population migrate in this city. So for Bharti Airtel it will good to enter…show more content…
But for setting up business the Bharti Airtel have to do lot of research in terms of purchasing power of people in Greece as many population in Greece is working population but due to recent crisis many people lost their jobs.so by giving job this population will also help to reduce the unemployment rate. Swot analysis of Bharti Airtel STRENGTH  Reputed Telecom Company.  Excellent service in India as well as in other part country.  having good consumer based relationship WEAKNESS  Depend on other companies which affects its operation.  The company is in high debt. They do not have more monetary fund as Vodafone have. OPPORTUNITY  Partnership with smart phone companies  Ease to do business rank of Greece is no.60  Giving employment opportunity for Greece  Boost the GDP of company THREATS  Old rivalry like Cosmote, Vodafone Greece and Wind.  Unstable…show more content…
They are well known company among the people.so it will be hard to get in. but Bharti Airtel is having good marketing strategy but the difficult will face by company is how to do marketing strategy in local market. The threat of substitute product or service for Airtel is also high. As Airtel will be new entrant in the market so it will be difficult to reduce the price at starting. So people will choose substitute product of Bharti Airtel which is having strong image. The threat from new competitor for the company will be low as the main big boss like Cosmote swallowing the market then Vodafone Greece and Wind. So the company will have problem with this existing companies rather than new company. The bargaining power of supplier will be high as Bharti Airtel is new company to enter and already the existing the company ruling in the Greece market. So it will be difficult for Airtel Company to bargain with the supplier. As the country having three telecommunication provider which is dominating, so it will difficult for supplier to do business with Bharti

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