Swot Analysis Of Big Bazaar

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It can enter easily into high premium segments. Big Bazaar can expand the business in smaller cities as there is a lot of opportunity. 4. THREATS: (a) there is high business risk involved as big bazaar is doing a large investment. (b)There are other retail stores which are planning to enter the Indian market like Wal-Mart and giving a tough competition. (c) Customers still prefer to buy the products from local stores for daily purchase. A LAYOUT CHART OF BIG BAZAAR LOCATED AT PATIALA LAYOUT INDEX 1. HELP DESK: The help desk is located in a place where one has everyone has their first sight that is in front of the entrance. Any individual can get all the information from the person sitting in the help desk. 2. MEN’S SECTION: Men’s section is located just at the left corner of the entrance of big bazaar. At one part formal shirts for men are available and on the other side men’s part trousers, suits, blazers and ethnics are available. The price ranges from a minimum of Rs.99 to Rs.999. 3. LADIES SECTION: Next to it is the ladies section that is in extreme to right side. Ladies section starts from ethnics, ladies footwear, ladies formals and ladies accessories. Here the price ranges from Rs.89 to Rs.1099 aproxx. 4. SPORTS WEAR: At the extreme corner there is a sports store where various kinds of sports are available. 5. FOOD BAZAAR: The food bazaar is on the first floor. Various kinds of fruits, vegetables are available there. 6. CASH

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