Swot Analysis Of Biscuits

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Situation Analysis

Product Definition and competitors:

Biscuit is a term used for baked common flour packaged consumables. Traditionally it is perceived as low cost breakfast item as complement with tea. Today it is one of the most loved food products for people from all age groups. This is because it is affordable and easily available.

Key facts in current scenario:

 Organized sector has contribution of approximately 70% , while unorganized sector contributes the rest 30%.
 In India states Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka are the major intakes of biscuits.
 Major players and their market shares: Big 3 players are Parle, Britannia, ITC and other 150 unorganized and regional players

 Rural-urban market penetration: Urban market: 75-85% and rural market 50-60%
 Major ingredients: Glucose, Marie, sweet, cream and milk.
 Various segments: Glucose, cream, cookies, health digestives and others(salty types).
 Annual production/Size of industry: The production capacity is 60MT and output per annum is 8000 crore to the FMCG industry. India is ranked 3rd after US and china in terms of biscuit production.
Marketing: The distribution chain in biscuit industry is carried out through vast dealers, wholesalers and retail chain networks throughout the country.

Aggregate market factors

 Market Size

Biscuit industry is the one of the largest food industries in India with an yearly revenue generation of about Rs 3010 billion and per
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