Swot Analysis Of Blackberry

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SWOT Analysis Strengths -Blackberry has a strong focus on specific customer segment which targets to business professionals and younger generations who could capture the features of style and function – giving both personal and professional balance with simplicity -Blackberry enjoys brand recall and positive reputation among corporate users of mobile phone because corporate users are concerned by providing the proprietary technology that is beyond their competitor’s expectations. -Business could go along with mobility and portability as the device applies to any mobile networks globally. -The security features tend to be more secure as compared to the competitors and mobile makers like Samsung and Apple. Security features inherent and embedded in the devices limiting these mobile makers to match with them. Corporate users could use to link it and integrate it with their Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). -Becoming the choice of smartphones for United States government agencies like The White House, FBA, CIA, and the State Department. With the up to standard of encoded military grade security platform, it’s an ideal phone especially for agencies when dealing of sensitive information. -Blackberry does not face any debt issues as their status are debt free and has a cash and investment balance with a total of $2.6 billion Weaknesses -Overly focused to target audience via government and corporate contacts and its security features are becoming the main Unique Selling

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