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Unique Selling Point Being different implies being unique. This is not the function of a particular entity in the organization, but the entire organization as a whole. Value is placed either on the product or the service or in both cases. In order to attain competitive advantage, he suggests focusing on the value that customers seek as the operations strategy. This can be done by looking at the quality, reliability, variety, features, services, location, delivery, after sales support. On the one hand, it deviates from its fellow cosmetics line with regard to its advertisements. It never made use of famous celebrities nor supermodels to endorse its products. Furthermore, the characteristics that its models possess are far from the stereotypical model or from the Western standards. If we are to access the Body Shop International’s website, as cited in this paper, we will find out that these models are black. From this we can derive that the pioneer of Body Shop ventures into something that is more than just business. There is politics behind. The cosmetic business is bound by principle. Body Shop products are known for being naturally-made and environment-friendly. Thus, both the product and service compose Body Shop’s competitive advantage…show more content…
In terms of profit, the success of the latter is likewise the success of the former. Moreover, the former is at an advantage stance, for it competes with the latter while at the same time gaining from it. Most likely in the near future, both of which will be the giants in the arena of cosmetic business. Women and men alike will most likely purchase products that pertain to the body. Women will always spend on cosmetic products. As mentioned in the aforementioned paragraphs, Body Shop’s products stand among the rest of the cosmetic products. In relation to this, its suppliers come from the ethnic or cultural groups in different Third World countries that it

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