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2.0 Introduction to Boots Boots UK Limited is a pharmacy chain operating in United Kingdom and Ireland which sells health and beauty products along with operating an optician service. It was first established in 1849 by John Boot, and was formerly known as ‘Boots the Chemist’. Boots ( the trading name of the company) has achieved many successes throughout its career that it can be called a very successful, pharmacy-led health and beauty company, despite its ups and downs which are going to be mentioned further in this assignment. Boots UK is officially branch of a multinational company, Alliance Boots GmbH which operates in over 25 countries around the world.(Boots-uk.com, n.d.) 3.0 Current Marketing Situation Boots is a member of Alliance…show more content…
4.1 Macro Factors Macro environment is said to be consisted of external forces which are often uncontrollable by the company(Learnmarketing.net, n.d.) They can be easily identified due to PEST analysis ; political, economical, social and technological forces. Boots is greatly influenced by its macro environment in the following ways: Political – Boots, same as every other business on the market follows several legislation regarding contracts between an employer and employee like minimum wage, working hours etc. However, it is also following market regulations such as Sale of Goods and Supply Act,1980. Economical – The growth of recession has influenced Boots to lower their prices to keep the sales and stay ahead of the competition at the same time. It has introduced many interesting deals, such as ‘Boots advantage card’ or standard marketing strategies like ‘buy 2 for 1’. This attracted more consumers and gained their trust in tough times like…show more content…
Businesses develop Unique Selling Point (USP) or/and conduct market research to make sure that they ‘beat’ the competition. According to ukessays (Strategic evaluation documentation of Boots, n.d ,para. 17) , Boots’ USP is the issuance of its advantage card which allows consumers to save money on their goods, successfully staying ahead of competition such as Tesco, which strategically opens new stores around the world. Publics – Armstrong and Kotler(2007,p.67) refers to public as any group that has an actual or potential interest in, or impact on, an organization’s ability to achieve its objectives. There are seven types of publics; financial, government, citizen-action, local, general and internal publics. Alliance boots is currently working with EORTC (European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer) and helps them to raise awareness and funds, as stated in Alliance Boots Annual Report (2013-14) 5.0 SWOT Analysis This is a study undertaken by an organisation on what is the internal strengths and weakness, and also the external opportunities and threats. This is a structured plan for the company. It can be done for a product, service or a person.By idenifiing this plan it can then help to achieve your objectiviteis in the furture. 5.1 Strengths Know their frequent customers and have a special relationship with

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