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1. SITUATION ANALYSIS 1.1. Company Background and Products BreadTalk Group Limited is a Singapore base firm which was found in 2000 by George Quek. It engages in F&B marketing, specifically in bakery, food and restaurant. BreadTalk has been establishing stores in 15 countries such as Singapore, China, Philippines, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, etc (BreadTalk.com, 2015). Up to now, there are nine brands being operating under BreadTalk group including BreadTalk, Food Republic, Toast Box, Ramen Play, Din Tai, Fung, The Icing Room, Carl’s Jr, Bread Society and Thye Moh Chan. This assignment will discuss about BreadTalk brand whose core products are breads and cakes. BreadTalk products in Singapore market are divided into three main lines which are bread, cake, and Hello Kity collection (BreadTalk.com.sg, 2015). 1.2. SWOT Analysis Strength Opportunities • Well-known brand with strong brand equity • Strong company financial background • Innovative products to keep up with the diversity and changes in customer’s tastes • Strategic retail locations • Experienced management • The increase in the demand of F&B market • The increase in consumer’s buying powder because of the growth in Singapore GDP per capital Weaknesses Threats • Unclear brand unification by dint of operating a large number of brands under one umbrella (BreadTalk, Toast Box, Food Republic, RamenPlay,…) • Not the best quality product in the market • Strong competition from both domestic and international brands •

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