Swot Analysis Of Breadtalk

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Breadtalk’s Corporate Culture A corporate culture is made up of several elements: (i) It offers a clear corporate vision to allemployees; (ii) The culture values are consistent with the company’s aim and are aligned withpersonal values of the organization members; (iii) There is extensive employee interaction across many levels; (iv) the culture is self-adaptable to external conditions; (v) the culture treats all employees fairly and equally; These characteristics would not exist without the strongsupport from the employees. Even though sub-cultures exist within the company, the dominantculture must be sturdy for the sub-cultures members to embrace it.(http://www.evancarmichael.comaccessed 15/01/2010)Breadtalk strives to deliver high and consistent standards of products to their customers. Employees undergo hands-on training at the various Breadtalk outlets. Training ranges frombread packing to serving customers at the front line. Staff in the management level is constantlysent for related development courses as the firm believes that training is important With theease of employment of foreign workers, Breadtalk ensures that the foreign employees are giventime to adjust to the culture in Singapore and to settle in comfortably.Breadtalk Group emphasizes on team bonding. For instance, it is the firm’s culture to organize aday trip to the beach or a park for a day of fun and team building activities designed to help theoutlet staff to get to know each other better. This

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