Swot Analysis Of British Airways

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Part 3: Results and analysis To answer question 1. An analysis of the business performance, and question 2, an analysis of business strategy SWOT Analysis Strengths BA has a strong brand, in 2015 BA retained its title as the nation’s strongest brand [Smithers, 2015]. In addition to the below strengths, this explains how BA managed to increase their revenue passenger kilometres (RPK) [Appendix 4. Figure 8] in the year due to being well known as a reputable airline in the market, thus resulting in an increase in profit. BA has a strong safety reputation and was ranked the fifth safest airline [Smith, 2017], this means that passengers would be more likely to fly with BA, as they will feel more secure about their safety during the flight, and result in an increase in passengers booking with BA [evidenced in appendix 4. Figure 8]. BA has some strong partnerships and alliances such as Qatar, through the One World Alliance [One World, n.d.]. This means that BA can benefit from being associated with the world’s leading airline, and further increase passengers booking with BA. Furthermore, having a partnership with Qatar could increase their bookings through transfers in the UK to long haul destinations. BA has a large capacity with 290 aircraft to its fleet [British Airways website, n.d.] and have added 15 more to their fleet in 2015 [British Airways, 2016. P.2], this means that BA have a strong fleet to take advantage of the increasing opportunities to expand their business, this

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