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Budweiser Called the “King of Beers” on ABInBev’s website, Budweiser was first produced in 1876 by Adolphus Busch. It is an American lager style beer and perhaps one of the most internationally famous brands from the United States. Its company employs an excellent online marketing strategy, as it has social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram (AbInBev). This helps Budweiser’s visibility when it comes to online reputation. On Facebook, Budweiser has 13,954,149 likes with a growth of 37.4% as of May 1, 2017. Its profile uses the hashtag #ThisBudsForYou on its post, giving the brand consistency in reaching out to its consumers and tying together its advertisements. It also uses a variety of posts, such as videos, pictures,…show more content…
Its Super Bowl commercials are some of the most famous, and each year is a new concept. This year’s ad was centered around the founder, a German immigrant who came to St. Louis and founded Budweiser. The ad has over 28 million views on YouTube and has contributed to Budweiser’s online reputation. Although the commercial received backlash, it shows that Budweiser is transparent about its founder and its legacy, and in the current political climate of the US, has made a bold move. The commercial also has received a lot of online attention with mixed responses; people are either praising Budweiser for showcasing the struggle of reaching the American Dream or calling for a boycott for being unpatriotic (Taylor, 2017). By creating a commercial that creates a reaction and sparks discussion, Budweiser has already boosted its visibility to a wider audience. Overall, Budweiser has an excellent online reputation built on consistent marketing and a cultivated image that showcases why someone should drink Budweiser over other American…show more content…
They advertise the fact their beers are brewed in a factory powered by solar power, feature athletes in their advertisements, promote recycling their cans, and partner with organizations like No Barriers, which encourage people to overcome their personal mountains (Coors Light). According to one Facebook post, “All Coors Light breweries are NSF International verified landfill-free, meaning more than 99% of everything we produce is either reused or recycled” (Coors Light). This creates a positive online reputation, especially in a society that is putting a light on climate change and transitioning to more sustainable energy. Their social media accounts have a consistent theme that incorporates mountains, ice-cold beer, athleticism, and empowerment. To emphasize their motto of empowerment, they use metaphors such as “overcoming your mountains” and hashtags like #ClimbToTheSummit. Their Instagram account also posts content with inspirational quotes and motivational

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