Burger King Swot Analysis Of Mcdonald's

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TASK ONE Every company should have its own strategic intent, mission and vision statement so as for management and staff to know in which the company is being directed towards for the coming period. A mission statement is fundamental since it tell you the purpose of the company. Without a mission statement a company will not have it own unique purpose, in this case the customer experience and the company will not be able to differentiate itself from other competing restaurants. A mission of a company will be able to be successful if it involves the stakeholders, such as the customers, employees and stakeholders. A vision statement on the other hand outlines what the organisation wants to be or wants to become, inspiration being its main source.…show more content…
One of the weaknesses is that management has yet to determine why one of the menus ‘Kollox Tajjeb’ is not doing well. Management needs to address this issue before this oversight can become a over management weakness. An opportunity for the company to grow could be to offer a delivery/ take away service for all the menus available. Another opportunity is for management to create another menu to have a larger variety of food available to attract more customers. Finally, a threat can on a national level and the opening of international franchised food brands such as McDonalds, Burger King and Pizza Hut. In the long run this can change the dynamics of the market in which the company is operating in. The way in which ‘All is Good’ company may be able to escape the threat is if it differentiates itself from the other restaurants to attract the customers in the area. Looking at the market at a different perspective, one would look into the Political, Economic, Sociological, Technological, Legal and Environmental…show more content…
On the other hand, Diversification is the most risky out of them all. It is the most risky because the company would not be aware of complications that may arise in the middle of the development. This is because a lot of in depth research would have to be carried out to be able to find out the demands of the customers and to check whether it will be profitable for the company to take such a large amount of risk. In the case of ‘All is Good’ the company took the risk to create a new menu ‘Kollox Tajjeb’. However, this new menu is not doing as well as the other three available. This could be because marketing managers would not have researched properly about the menu which the company was going to introduce. Another possibility why the menu is not doing so well may be because of the fact that the new menu was not advertised properly to attract the customers to try it

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