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1.1 Internal Analysis

Burger Hut is one of the most well-known local chains of fast food restaurants in Singapore. It is known for using quality and fresh ingredients. It originated in Singapore with its first branch opened 5 years ago, and it has expanded to 40 branches island wide, mainly in shopping malls, serving nearly 200,000 customers daily. With its increasing popularity, it aims to expand overseas in the future and into territories around the world.

1.2 External Analysis (PESTEL)

1.2.1 Political

Politically, any organisation is heavily influenced by the country government’s policies. For example, there will be certain groups of people protesting to the country regarding health implications of consuming fast food. Employment law,
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Marketing Strategies

Burger Hut’s main group of consumers are from age 20 to 40, both genders, working middle-class adults with disposable income of $1000 to $5000 monthly. The new range of products will be attractive to our loyal consumers as most of them have no extra time for exercise for a healthier lifestyle and are more mindful of their diet than others. This group of consumers would want a quickly available, yet healthier meal in their fast-paced lives.

Burger Hut will be one of the first fast food restaurants in Singapore to come up with such a range of healthier alternatives of products, which is a unique selling proposition rather than the usual burgers and fries that are usually offered. The buns can be replaced with lettuce for the more health-conscious consumer, or consumers may also opt for salads with boiled chicken. This move will increase its market share as it taps into the healthier fast food options and caters to all kinds of fast food consumers.

4. Marketing Communication Objectives

Burger Hut Eat Clean will be a new product range. The marketing objectives are to identify Burger Hut Eat Clean as an exciting new healthier flavour in the range of existing products. The launch of Burger Hut Eat Clean will increase brand loyalty among existing consumers and customer lifetime
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6. Advertising Budget

We will be using the objective-and-task method. Our aim is to achieve 1,000,000 products sold in 1 year and the projected target will be $3,000,000, which we will use 30% ($900,000) of it as our IMC budget.

7. Creative Strategy

Over the next 12 months, Burger Hut aims to introduce the new range of products to its target audience through various advertising strategies. The new range of products, Burger Hut Eat Clean, will be marketed to our primary target audience, the health-conscious middle class working adults.
We will be using various methods, such as advertising, sales promotions, public relations and sponsorship to help us to reach out to our target group. The aim of these advertisements is to bring out a whole new image and different perception of Burger Hut, as not just another unhealthy fast food option, but it can be tasty and healthy at the same

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