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Chapter I Introduction Burger Machine started on 1981 by Fe Esperanza and her sister who planned to use their old small buses as mobile stores (to which the idea was actually adapted in the United States). With a capital of Php. 40,000 together with two dozens of employees and their passion and fondness for burgers. Burger machine started its operation to which its first stall was located near two gas stations in Quezon City. And because of the 24/7 operation, people eventually named it as “the burger that never sleeps”. Through the years, it was able to launched dozens of branches including full scale fast food restaurants and stalls. It was even recognized by DOST (Department of Science and Technology) as “source…show more content…
Currently, Burger machine starting its root operations, is in need of a brand revival campaign to get back in the industry as the top choice burger stalls in the country. Chapter II Target Market The target market of Burger Machine is for the masses because its positioning was delicious burgers with very affordable prices. With that, the description of the target market would be: • He/she belongs to all age brackets. • He/she has passion and love for burgers. • He/she can avail Burger Machine’s affordable burger. • He/she is very much willing to visit any nearest Burger Machine stall in their…show more content…
Mostly it covers • To come up with a 6-months advertising brand revival campaign for Burger Machine. Different advertising campaigns will be created for re-establishment of BM’s branding and increase the level of awareness of the target market. • To reassure existing customers loyalty to the brand. One of the easiest ways to do a brand revival campaign is to strengthen the brand engagement of the existing customers. As to that, their engagement can be turned into word-of-mouth advertising and will surely generate new customers. • To maximize the brand presence of Burger machine through different media like: a. print; b. outdoor; c. internet; and d. broadcast. It is very important to make sure that the brand can be heard and seen it almost all types of media so the customers will be reminded of the product and will surely result to purchasing the product. • To establish Burger Machine as top-of-the-mind of the customers in terms of on-the-go

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