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Café coffee day is founded by V. G. Siddhartha in the year 1996.Head quarter based in Brigade Road ,Bangalore it is one of the India largest low coffee conglomerate low mercantilism coffee trading chains having over 1550 cafes across India as per 2015 and also in other part is the Asian Continent .Its segmentations consists of the following product .
• Instant coffees and the filters ones with 43% share
• Blended and pure ones (Vanilla, mocha etc.)
• Beans is Arabica and also it is Robusta with totally different growth culture.
It has distributions channels strategy following one unit which is placed in Chikmagalur with a capability of 70,000 tons annually, having a target of expanding to the smaller cities and also to the some
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They are socially active, they has lots of choices for the customers with values to achieve all this they has locations which rightly suits for the customers .The main influencer of the brand is customers peer groups, coworkers etc.
Customers of Café coffee day:
Most of the customers are youths, Professionals, Business people and other related workers who comes in peer group i,e 3-4 people or even comes in single they are between the age of 15-45 years old and they approximately spend time for around 40-45 minutes either for meeting or for other business related they mostly spend time after college, work place, home etc.).
Ambiance in café coffee day is one of the deciding factor for the customers to choose coffeehouse, a lot of emphasis are placed on this aspect in order to attract and to make the customers more comfortable while in the café and to retain them in the longer run.
Customers in café coffee day are all the more loyal they visit often to the cafes. This brand has very aggressive marketing activity for gaining the market share. Youths constitute the major customers of café coffee day Beverages. It has a cordial tie up with other companies in order to keep the audience interested.eg. They have plans to tie up with Malls and theatre as youths flog in to this type of

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