Swot Analysis Of Callaway Golf

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The SWOT analysis of Callaway Golf Company
Callaway Golf Company had set off a technology race in the industry, whereby Callaway Golf and its chief rivals launched innovations every 12-18 months that further improved the performance of metal drivers. Most of its products had strong abilities to compete with other rivals. So that this company could take advantage of its leadership to promote the development of the industry. Besides, this company provided online shopping for its consumers. The online shop could increase its market share in the industry.
Callaway Golf Company had long struggled with a series of issues beyond loss of market share of its flagship driver business. The company misread the market potential for hybrid clubs. Callaway Golf’s failure to get its hybrid club to market before 2005 caused it to lose significant sales as many golfers purchased TaylorMade, Adams Golf, and Cobra hybrid clubs. It was estimated that 31% of all golfers had purchased at least one hybrid clubs by 2007. Therefore, there was still broad space of development for Callaway Golf.
The company achieved profitability in the golf ball business by moving production from facilities in the United States to suppliers in China. Callaway Golf had closed its Carlsbad, California, golf ball plant in 2005 and, in 2008, closed one of its two remaining golf ball plants in the United States in order to outsource a larger percentage of its golf ball production requirements.
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