Swot Analysis Of Canadian Imperial Bank

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SWOT Analysis Opportunities The Canadian Imperial Bank is placed extremely well with a significant and assured customer base from the level of the government and the public sector business. Many government parties will do business with CIBC because they know that the profits of the Bank belong to the people of the country and are used for the country’s development. Business with the bank is seen to create value and opportunity within the communities economy. The availability of modern telecommunication systems and technology will facilitate the improvement and strengthening of the Bank’s international business and ATM services, and the development of new services, such as telephone banking. The increased access to computers by customers will allow the bank to reach more target groups through electronic communication. The tourism industry is currently growing, which should introduce more capital into the country and should create employment opportunities for locals. As more people enter the country, CIBC will be able to expand its customer base which will result in a positive impact regarding revenues. SWOT Analysis Threats Some customers prefer to do business with our competitors because CIBC 's top competitors may provide unique incentives which certain individuals find to be more appealing. CIBC may be unable to attract certain customers because it currently is in a red ocean market. The introduction of American culture and lifestyles into our society could result

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