Swot Analysis Of Canola Oil

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Competitor 1: IGA Supermarket
Their products offered: Product line 1: Red hot sale only $10 on olive oil the size of the bottle is 1 lite Product line 2: 50% discount on walnuts the pack weigh 500mg Product line 3: save up to 25% on milo 12 packs in a box Their target customers:

Age: 25 to 55 Income level: 16,000 to 100,000 Education level: high school to degree levels Ethical backgrounds: locals, Indian, Asian Preferences when making the purchase decisions: How to change consumers influence decision when they are influence. Companies make sure to advertise the ads in shop and outside as well

Competitor 2: Coles Supermarket
Their products offered: Product line 1: Save upto 25% on canola oil the size of the bottle is 1 litre
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e) Features
f) Benefits
g) Strengths
h) Weakness

Selected company’s product features IGA product features is very high quality which is made with latest technology
Competitors product features Coles product features is manufactured in mass production which the product is made with quality material
Selected company’s product benefits IGA have a very competitive price on the products for the consumer which is sold in reasonable price which makes cheaper for the low-income earner
Competitors product benefits Coles product is always available in limited quantity is easy for the consumers to buy whenever they want
Selected company’s product strengths IGA product is made in Australia which give warranty on our products
Competitors product strengths Coles product is made in Australia which maintains good quality
Selected company’s product weakness IGA got so many competitors which affects the sale of the product and it’s hard to sell old products which the company loses their money on the products
Competitors product weakness When the economics changes, it affects Coles product prices which makes the company to sell the cheaper product in half

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