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Objectives 3.1 Focus on airport resources and technology to improve on time flights, arrival, baggage handling. Caribbean Airlines objectives are to have a flowing routine, by allowing customers to check in their baggage at any time and remove the fixed time according to the customer’s flight. The customers can enjoy the freedom of having lunch with families without the hassle of dragging multiple bags behind them. Another objective would be to improvement of flights scheduled, meeting each and every customers boarding time and even arriving to their destinations before time 3.2 Continue to develop and deploy travel innovations Caribbean Airlines will focus on a more innovative aircraft interior, giving passengers more leg room and better…show more content…
Marketing Mix – 4P’s E. Jerome McCarthy classified these tools into four broad groups, which are Product, Price, Place and Promotion. 4.1 Product – The main product of Caribbean Airline is its air transportation. The airline offers direct flights to various locations, such as Canada, USA and the Caribbean countries. The airline offers tickets to passengers that are affordable and create special packages, especially for Christmas and special holidays. Caribbean Airline offers as a part of its main service, snacks, hot and cold beverages and entertainment, customers can listen to music or watch a movie that help passes the time of the long flight. 4.2 Price – Caribbean Airlines offers various types of prices for tickets, which is known as booking classes, each differing conditions, for travel within the Caribbean, South America, North America and Europe. These booking classes fall under Four Fare Families: Non-Flexible Fares – These are the lowest available fares, which have some restrictions on cancellation, refunds and upgrades. Semi-Flexible Fares – This fare offers some flexibility and benefits related to carrying on bags, ticketing fees, upgrades to business class and refund…show more content…
Income Level Caribbean Airlines develop pricing strategies for their services; the airline would consider the income levels of their target markers. Salary, or income level, is a good example of demographic segmentation used to introduce the airline air transportation services. For example, the airline would create packages accordingly to suit their customers pocket; some can only afford economy seating and would still like to enjoy the airline perks of meals and entertainment. These prices would be created for two types of customers, those who cannot afford the high end accommodation and those who can. Age Age plays an integral role for the airline in promoting their services online and offline. The age segmentations involves diversifying pricing and to fit the anticipated needs of each age group. For example, Caribbean Airlines take special care of unaccompanied minors, providing specific services for children between the ages of five and eleven. Whether they are travelling a direct flight or connecting flights. Also, another age group that the airline focuses on are the old age customers, who may need services such as, wheel chair services entering into the plane and exiting the plane, again these are extra services the airline takes in consideration when it concerns the

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