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As the second largest retailer in the world, Carrefour has its own strategies to stand up firmly in the European market and penetrate into other foreign continents. The company’s general philosophy, according to Kamath and Godin (2001), consists of the following five principles. (1) A simple and clear idea: to offer customers a wide range of products with self-service, free parking and low prices (2) A developing idea: to evolve constantly (e.g. new products and new services) in order to meet customers’ needs (3) A universal idea: to export its managerial concept to all the markets and to adapt its strategies to the cultural situation of each market (4) A state of mind: to maintain its storekeeper’s and customer-oriented spirit (5) A commitment: to implement its long-term social commitment with its customers, employees, suppliers In terms of the SWOT analysis of Carrefour, according to the report of Canadean (2013), the situation which Carrefour faces can be described as below. (1) Strengths: Carrefour operates more than 9,000 stores in three regions of the world: Europe, Asia and Latin America. This wide global presence, in additional to a broad product and brand portfolio, help Carrefour find new business opportunities and cater to different customers’ demands. It has a wide range of store formats, including hypermarkets, supermarkets, Cash and Carry, hard discount and convenience stores. Different store formats serve as an access to a wider customer base. (2) Weakness:

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