Swot Analysis Of Centrum Capital

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Centrum Capital Ltd. Company Analysis Krishnan Unny K Section 4 FT154019 Table of Contents Introduction 4 Company Mission 5 Company Information 6 Group Management 6 Product Report 6 Industry characteristics 7 Client Retention 7 KYC 7 Increase confidence in economy 7 Technological competence 8 Reputation Scanner 8 Macroeconomic factors 8 PESTLE framework 8 Political factors 8 Economic factors 8 Social factors 9 Technological factors 9 Comprehensive Analysis 9 Stock prices 9 Ratio Analysis 12 Company growth statistics 12 Operating profit 12 EBITDA 13 Total Assets 14 Sales 15 Profit before tax (PBT) 16 Profit after tax(PAT) 17 Networth 18 Return on Capital Employed (ROCE) 19 Dividends 19 Competitor Analysis 20 References 22 Introduction Centrum Capital services is one of the leading financial services company in India competing also with giants in the same domain. It was instituted in the year 1977 and offers integrated financial services, customized and innovative solutions. Centrum Capital and its subsidiaries together provide services to corporate and individuals and add value to these conglomerates, organizations in both the Private and the Public sector across the country. Centrum Capital is considered to be one of the largest growing firms for managing wealth in the country. It is a one of a kind financial services company that is able to leverage its strength from the individual business units that exist within the organization. Following are the

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