Swot Analysis Of Chick Fila

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Since Chick Fila is an oligopoly, it has a great deal of non-price competition. This includes many product differentiation from other competitors such as, McDonalds, Popeyes and KFC. One difference in Chick Fila from all the others are their waffle fries. They are cooked in pure peanut oil, which makes it a healthier choice. Most fast food chains have regular fries to go with their sandwich and burgers, but with Chick Fila’s waffle fries this sets them apart from their competition. Another product differentiation is the chicken. Chick Fila’s chicken is whole meat, and not processed like other fast food restaurants. This is another reason it is healthier for you. Also Chick Fila has more condiments on average from other fast food restaurants. Their condiments include, buffalo, buttermilk ranch, barbecue, honey mustard, Polynesian, and the famous Chick-fil-A sauce.…show more content…
Most places have mediocre customer service, but with Chick Fila they go above and beyond to satisfy you. They do things like ask you your name in the drive thru, so that they can greet you when you get to the window. They always say my pleasure when they do something as little as refill your cup. They offer free samples as well, and have people walk around the dining room asking if they can help you with anything. Another thing is the cleanliness of a Chick Fila. They are constantly wiping off tables and keeping their bathrooms
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