Swot Analysis Of Chicken Inasal

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BACOLOD CHICKEN HOUSE PRICE STRENGTH WEAKNESS • The food is affordable because the price starts at P54 to P185 per serving • It is very affordable for student who are looking for budget friendly meal. • Some of the products that they offer is a bit pricey than other Inasals. OPPORTUNITIES THREATS • We can offer a rice burger with the influence of Chicken Inasal • The quality of the product suffers due to its price. BACOLOD CHICKEN HOUSE PLACE STRENGTH WEAKNESS • The place is huge and never gets crowded. They can accommodate their entire customer. • The place is not that relaxing. A bit too yellow and it hurts the eyes • The crew should also level up in their maintenance as the floor was sticky and the place smelled like unwashed rag. • They are also far from the primary target market OPPORTUNITIES THREATS • We will make sure to always monitor the cleanliness of our store. • They are near to our store. Bacolod Chicken Inasal is also located ay Beaterio St. BACOLOD CHICKEN HOUSE PROMOTION STRENGTH WEAKNESS • They use the word of mouth as their promotion because a lot of students likes to stay in Bacolod Chicken House to used it as their meeting place. • They don’t have promos for the customer. OPPORTUNITIES THREATS • We will give flyers and the first 50 to get that flyers will receive a free food. • They are popular with their Chicken Inasal. It is a grilled chicken marinated with the sauce. BULACAN SIZZLING HOUSE PRODUCT STRENGTH WEAKNESS • They

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