Swot Analysis Of Chicken Nachos

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Chicken Nacho’s in a box Slogan: Enjoy the crunch! Our chicken Nacho’s will be offered with the Nando’s famous Lemon and Herd, mild and hot Peri-peri marinates. We chose these marinates based on the response of which marinates are preferred from our questionnaire. We have also taken into consideration Halaal and Kosher chicken so that we are meeting the needs of all consumers. As well as we will have a vegetarian option of Nacho’s for all our Vegetarian consumers. How did we come up with our new products name? We decided that our product will be served in a recyclable box weather it is ordered for take away or for a sit down meal. We decided to do this for a sit down meal as well because in that way we won’t be creating extra dishes as we…show more content…
As well as when we did our questionnaires more grade 11 girls chose that they would buy Chicken Nacho’s if they were offered at Nando’s. Target market Demographics: Our Nachos are for all ages, all races, males and females, all occupations, all religions and for consumers of middle to upper class. Psychographics: Our Nachos are not aimed at health conscious consumers as we feel that Nachos is a great treat to offer consumers. We have taken into consideration that some of our consumers are vegetarians therefore we are offering a vegetarian option of Nachos to meet their needs. As well as our chicken is Halaal and Kosher for our religious consumers. Geographic’s: Nando’s is an international franchise, however we will be offering our new product only in our Durban Braches will conducting our trail run. If our nachos are a success we will be offering Nacho’s in all other Nando’s. Consumer behaviour: Loyalty of consumers is never easy to gain however we feel we have succeeded in this as Nando’s offers good value for a good reasonable price. We use nothing but the best ingredients we can get to meet our consumer’s needs. (unknown, unknown…show more content…
In the product we looked at the packaging and certain methods that needed to make it look attractive and we used the Nando’s colours to match with the restaurants theme. The packaging also took in consideration if it had to be a takeout or sit down and whether it is environmentally friendly which is the reason why chose recyclable material. In the place we decided to only sell the product in Durban Nando’s as a trail run and see if it is successful and the price that we determined if it is accurate was we looked at other Nando’s cost and the cost of the ingredients used in the Nachos. We then discussed the different ways of promoting the Nachos and how using political matters will also show that Nando’s cares about world matters. We also discussed ways in which Nando’s manage their employees and other different ways they could motivate them. We looked at the processes which takes place for the profit to get to the customer and the information concerning the customer of the product. And the physical evidence which insures quality and we believe that Nachos in the Box will be a successful item to

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