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Business plan: Citigroup Inc. 1. Resume. Citigroup Inc. is the largest international financial conglomerate, which has become one of the world leaders in the financial services industry. Citigroup was established through the merger of two different companies, Citicorp and Travelers Insurance, April 7, 1998, finally - October 9, 1998. Objective: Demand, which in the banking market, allows expectation to make a profit and the development of proposals and programs of this company in the market. The company's assets amount to 1.9 trillion. dollars. In connection with the decision of its investment objectives, the company can realize 2.9 billion. shares, the course of which the market is now about $54 per share. Key activities of Citigroup: consumer…show more content…
Citibank become the largest in the US, mainly issuer credit and debit cards in the world, and a network of offices has grown to 90 countries. 2. Travelers Group is a representing a group of financial companies, which were united under the leadership of general manager Sandy Weill in 1985. In September 1992, Travelers Insurance has formed a strategic alliance with Primerica. In 1993, the two companies finally merged into one. In 1995, Travelers Insurance has been renamed and Travelers Group merged in 1997, and Aetna Property and Casualty, Inc. Citigroup suffered serious losses as a result of the global financial crisis of 2008, but due to the active financial support of the US government was able to recover their assets. In 2010, the US government sold shares in the authorized capital of the company. Despite the huge losses incurred during the crisis, Citigroup has created huge reserve assets of 420 billion dollars. Profit in 2013 is $13.7 billion dollars – the largest since financial…show more content…
6.2. Current strategy. Citigroup Inc. recently declared special strategic actions to increase the temps of transformation of Global Consumer Banking (GCB). It can be reached by focusing on those markets, where the company has the largest scale and potential for growth. Citigroup has intention to exit the consumer business from 11 countries. This new measure serves almost 60 million clients in 24 markets, what estimates 95% of revenue base currently. At the same time, management policy assumes the simplifying and improving performance of all crucial operations. Furthermore, transparency is aim for such developments. Providing the improvements in sales and spread it further. At the same time, such tendency is a “subject to market conditions and regulatory and other approvals, the strategic actions are currently expected to be substantially completed by year-end 2015” . Notwithstanding the current crisis, Chief Officers will continue the rapid developments and innovations to serve the clients and stakeholders. 7. Organizational plan. 7.1. The structure of the Company. Citigroup consists of two separate units: Citicorp and Citi

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