Swot Analysis Of Coach

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Key success factors (KSF) are the attributes in the business’s products, process, technology, etc. that puts the firm in a superior position over the competitors. Analysing the environment of Coach Inc., following conclusions can be made about its KSF: • Distinctive & broad product line: product distinction is a key characteristic of the luxury goods industry. Because of the fact that the buyers of luxury goods tend to differentiate themselves from other individuals, there is a high need of differentiation. Every competitor therefore targets a differentiation strategy that is realized by diverse meanings. The most important differentiation factor in the luxury goods industry is the brand value. In the case of Coach it offers unique simply identifiable products that were very well made and provided excellent value. The company collection of product included ladies handbags, leather accessories such as key fobs, belts electronics accessories and cosmetics cases, and outwear such as gloves hats and scarves. It also designed and marketed leather business cases and bags. • 50% less price for premium quality style: Intelligent pricing is one of the most important elements of any successful business venture. In the case of coach its strategy is to emphasis on matching key luxury rivals in quality and styling while defeat them of price 50% or more, created a competitive advantage in pleasing not only middle income consumers desiring a taste of luxury, but also wealthy consumers

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