Swot Analysis Of Coca Cola Company

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The Coca Cola Company (TCCC)
The Coca Cola Company is a 129-year-old Company founded in 1886 by John Pemberton in Atlan-ta, Georgia.
The company really expanded during the World War II as it provided drinks to the U.S. army, which operated in Europe, and Coca-Cola was seen as the drink of the winners.

1- Situation
Financial Statement

During the last three years, Coca Cola Company encountered a decrease either in its sales revenue and Net Income.
This decrease is due to the fall in the consumption of Coke the flagship drink of the company in Western countries as people are more aware of the obesity to which Coca Cola is associated.


a. Strengths
• Brand
• The most valuable global brand in the world.
• Largest market share. Coca Cola has about 42% beverage market share worldwide
• Marketing and advertising Strategies.
• Worldwide distribution network. Coca Cola operates more than 200 countries.
• Customer loyalty.
b. Weaknesses
• Negative publicity around obesity
• No presence in health beverages
• Water management
• Lack of diversity in the product portfolio. (No food or snacks)
• Brand failures or many brands with insignificant amount of revenues. Coca Cola currently sells more than 500 brands but only few of the brands result in more than $1 billion sales.
c. Opportunities
• Increase in consumption bottled water. .
• Increase in demand for healthy food and beverages. The Coca Cola Company has an oppor-tunity to expand in low calories

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