Swot Analysis Of Coca Cola

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In 1886 an Atlanta pharmacist Dr. John S Pemberton started a company called Coca Cola. Our company is produce soft drink such as Coca- cola, Sprite and Fanta. This report is going to perform an environmental and marketing analysis. This report maintain about microanalysis, SWOT analysis, marketing strategy, and marketing mix. Dr. John S Pemberton founded a company called Coca-Cola in 1886. The most popular product and best product of Coca- cola is a coke has for Coca- cola 90093 billion dollar on 2015. However, when Dr. John S Pemberton first found Coca- cola he only can sell 9 around cup of Coca- cola a day. After 130 year of history Coca- cola now become the most popular brand for drinks in the world and have the best income of the history. In 1982, the Coca- cola company was aware of the film and television industry to its growth potential and synergy with marketing, so in the 1982 they took acquisition of the Columbia pictures. Competitive momentum from Purchase, shifts from New York transfers to Atlanta. Until now, Coca- cola is the world’s largest beverage company, soda and gas free beverage brands has more than500, and more than 3800 kinds of beverage choices. The Coca- cola company has 20 years of sales of more than billion dollars brands. The coca- cola company is one of the world’s ten biggest private employers.

Internal (Micro) Analysis
Coca-Cola’s mass revenue of the product has been effective on advertising to more people from by

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