Swot Analysis Of Coca Cola

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Company General Strategy Resources and capabilities Thanks to its numerous resources and capabilities, Coca Cola has been able to become the largest company of the non-alcoholic beverage industry. These resources and capabilities can be divided into three categories: physical, human, and financial. Coca Cola’s main physical resources and capabilities include its manufacturing plants around the world, and the company’s efficiency and productivity in utilizing them, as well as Coca Cola’s marketing efforts, creating a strong and sustainable brand image around the world. Next, Coca Cola’s human resources and capabilities consist in the 100,300 people employed by the company globally, as well as its 250 bottling partners, which allow the company to successfully carry out all of its activities around the world (Coca Cola 2017). In fact, the success of the company is partially due to Coca Cola’s commitment to providing its employees with a nurturing work environment, with a focus on inclusion and diversity, resulting in the company obtaining a perfect score on the Corporate Equality Index for the 11th consecutive year in 2016. Finally, Coca Cola’s financial resources and capabilities include its net income of $6.5 billion in 2016 and its 40% market share, giving the company a strong and stable financial position. This enables the company to invest into the development of new products as well as marketing efforts to promote them, to expand into new markets, and more

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