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Kabu coffee shop is to provide a friendly atmosphere where customers will get the quality of food, drink and service at a reasonable price. Our coffee shop will offer a variety of options to customers. Kabu coffee shop is for customers prepare the best coffee in the area to be complimented with serves breakfast, deli-style sandwiches with fresh ingredients, muffins, croissants, cinnamon rolls, coffee cakes and other delicious that customers can enjoy their visit coffee shop will be open from 06. : 00 to 04:00 Monday to Saturday.
To provide customers with the best experience with our coffee.
Our brand will become a national brand and be recognized as part of the service, the market share industry
• Daring And unofficial
• Creativity And innovation that has always been the strength and importance of our achievements.
• For stakeholders that we have to take care of and adherence to professional standards of conduct and morality of what we do.
• For employee we encourage self-directed team
• The unfair trade practices, nationally and internationally.
• Sustainability and high quality.
• A combination of creativity, innovation and expertise of artisans.
• Manage customer-focused.
• Expansion and growth.
Strategic goals / directions
• To increase market share and become the market leader in three years.
• Restructuring the organization to enhance brand and marketing.
• To create awareness of the health benefits of organic coffee.
• Provide

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