Swot Analysis Of Commercial Bank

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SWOT analysis is an important analysis for any organization. Managers usually use this analysis to check the strengths and weakness of the organization and its present resources. In addition to the strengths and weaknesses SWOT analysis also provides insight to the outside opportunities and threats to the business setup so the managers can capitalize on the opportunities through their internal strengths and can avoid threats by improving or covering their weaknesses.

SWOT analysis give the report of organization strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats looking a business, organization or operation, in condition of helping consumers, stockholders and their own employees. A SWOT analysis of the
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He creates a good reputation in the banking industry.
Strict attachments with the banking process requirement, SBP, prudential rules requirements and its SROs and international banking requirement as well as to its own set policies.
Secure and its attractive products.
MCB main focus on customer services and customization.
Flexibility with the modifying surrounding.


The observed weaknesses of MCB are as:
The bulk of people have less awareness about the products of Muslim Commercial Bank.
Therefore bank advertise especially RTC and Master Cards.
A behavior has been observed that bank tries to feel at relaxation with good looking, rich and civilized people and the poor looking consumer feel nervous in the atmosphere of the bank. The bank staff should try to facilitate and guideness to all type of consumers
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now a day’s people want product and services according to their needs and specifications. At this level bank must see the customer’s need that which type of product and services they want. So now days it’s obvious for every bank to meet their customers demand and through this they can capture a good market share. Some major issues that I have observed during my internship period these are:

In MCB consumers are not motivated how they get profit on their saving so bank have to give profit to the consumers.

Employees are less interested in working because salaries are low as compared to the work of bank and they are also not motivated regularly.

Change the nature of work by giving employees regularly training ,arrange different seminars for employees motivation, also send employees to different countries to adopt new things and new way of working.

Improve bank atmosphere by giving employees incentives and promotions ,giving employees maximum rewards for better employment in banking sector.

In bank at many places there is less educated worker and old persons soo due to this many departments’ works has to do by one

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