Craft Beer Marketing Strategy

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Stephanie Olsen
MKT 309
Segmentation Assignment
January 10, 2018

Demographic: One potential target market for the new Heineken craft beer using age segmentation is millennials. It has been shown that millennials who drink beer tend to gravitate toward craft beers. In fact, 57% of weekly craft beer drinkers are millennials. Therefore, it is critical to target the marketing plan toward the millennial population, which comprises almost thirty percent of the adult population in the United States. Using gender segmentation, the marketing plan should be targeted mostly toward men as they comprise 75% of weekly craft beer drinkers. Still, the other 25% - made up of female weekly craft beer drinkers - are just as likely as men to select craft beers.
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Craft beer drinkers can also be described as intellectually curious and easy-going. People with these personality traits are a good target market for the new craft beer. Using the motive variable, people in the desired target market are people who want to have a novel experience when drinking the product. They want something new and exciting to fulfill their need for interesting and varied experiences. Using the lifestyles variable, a potential target market would be those who spend more time thinking about beer than work. The lifestyle of those in the target market could be considered happy-go-lucky. Finally, using the geodemographics variable, a good target market is college students. Many college students enjoy drinking and share a similar lifestyle and demographic makeup. They also tend to reside closely in small geographic areas around campuses.

Benefits Sought: One potential target market for the new craft beer using benefit segmentation is people who are passionate about drinking good craft beer. They want a craft beer that is quality and that their taste buds enjoy, regardless of any other factor. Another target market using benefit segmentation is those who are also craft beer enthusiasts, but factor cost into their judgement. They want the beer they buy to taste good and still be reasonably
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People who fall under this category are more likely to seek out novel craft beers, making this an ideal target market for the new product. They are also more likely to repurchase craft beers as that is what they prefer to drink based upon their usage rate. While the focus should be on medium and heavy craft beer drinkers, potential and first-time users should also be taken into consideration as they have the potential to become part of the former

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