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• Creambell is an ice cream company in India, established by the RJ Corporation in 2003. Creambell is located in 19 states in India. The CEO is NitinArora and the company is owned by Ravi Jaipuria; promoted RJ Corp.
• R J corp. is a Rs. 2200 crores, reputed business conglomerate with diversified business interest in Beverages, Foods, Retail, Real Estate, Hospitality, Education and Institutions
• R J corp. holds the distinction of being the largest franchise of PEPSI, PIZZA HUT, COSTA COFFEE In India.
• Some other noticeable and strong brands managed by R J corp. are KFC, BECKS, DPS (Delhi Public Schools).
• Team Cream bell has wide and in depth knowledge & understanding of Ice cream, Dairy and Dairy Products.
• Cream bell is amongst the top 5 ice cream brands of INDIA.
• Cream bell ice cream was formed in a technical
• major “Candia” of France and the Jaipuria Group (R J Corp.).
• Cream bell has a strong team of R&D that constantly work on new product development and improvement on existing products
• The quality compliance ensures that all ingredients to ice
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the mix used to make the final ice cream. Mix is the combination of basic ingredients of ice cream before the air is incorporated into it. The simple process of incorporation of air is done automatically by producing a whipping effect in the mix making it viscous and fluffy and giving us a texture that is apt for what is known as “ice cream”. The addition of color and flavor is done as per the company standard ratios before air incorporation takes place. During the whole whipping effect freezing is also taking place side by side hence the end result is not slimy but a rich, fluffy, partially frozen matter which after packaging is further frozen in cold storage. There are types of mix that are used in different types of ice cream, these are explained

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