Swot Analysis Of Crisps

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Internal Audit
Introduction of the company
Burts Hand Fried Potato chips, or crisps as they call it, is a company that is very passionate about their premium potato crisps; was formed in 1997 in Devon UK. It is a company which produces premium potato crisps using traditional methods and natural ingredients. It is an authentic British product, where all the crisps are hand cooked using the finest quality potatoes, which is then divided into small batches and seasoned with just the right amount of flavors made by using natural ingredients.
Burts is also very proud of the facility that they provide their consumer, which is being able to trace the date, time and the name of the fryer of a particular bag of crisps, the name of the fryer could be found at the back of the bag and by entering that name in the Burts web site www.burtschips.com they could find out more about the people who made that particular pack. They started off by selling the products only in Devon, but now, because of their rapid growth, they are in the process of exporting products with numerous flavors around UK and other countries.
Competitive advantage
Even though Burts is a small enterprise, they have made their presence felt in the market and in the minds of their consumers by ensuring premium quality at every step of the cooking process, from potatoes to the bag. They are determined to never compromise the quality thus enabling them to outwit their big competitors. The advantages they have over other

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