Swot Analysis Of Dairy Milk

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Cadbury Dairy Milk is the standard for quality in chocolates in India and loved across all age groups. It is unique for its higher milk contents than other chocolates. Cadbury Dairy Milk was launched in India in 1984. Cadbury milk chocolate bar was first launched in India in 1948.In the next three years, i.e; in 1987 Mondelez India Foods Limited launched variants of Cadbury Dairy Milk- Fruit & Nut, Crackle and Roast Almond.
Cadbury India was initially an importer of chocolates.It now has manufacturing facilities in Thane, Induri and Malanpur Hyderabad, Bangalore and Baddi and sales offices in New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai. The corporate head office is in Mumbai.
Cadbury was incorporated in India on 19 July 1948.
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Cadbury Daily Milk Silk is targeted for those consumers who have a taste in luxury goods. It is also aimed for those customers who would want to enjoy premium chocolate but finds swiss chocolates like Lindt, Ferrero expensive for their taste.
Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk places itself in the market as being a chocolate that readily melts in the warmth of the mouth and therefore needs to be refrigerated to maintain its solid state before enjoying.
Being a premium chocolate, they are even targeted to be ideal festive season gifts, replacing traditional sweet box as gifts, because they happen to be non-perishable and more universally appealing and widely accepted by everyone especially kids. MARKETING CHALLENGES
• The major obstacle that such a sub-brand of an existing successful brand has to tackle is how not to alienate lovers of the base product, who have a palate memory that is as old as their childhood.
• The fact that CDM Silk is a sub-brand of CDM that is priced almost 11 times more than its parent brand.
• Launching a premium chocolate when the premium chocolate segment prior to CDM Silk and Cadbury Bournville was imported chocolates.
• Designing the product
• Increasing cocoa prices
• 30% taxes on cocoa imposed by the India
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The product can be made available only in places where air conditioning is available. Therefore, the manufacturers of Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk have made this premium chocolate available only in the top 35 cities of the country in around 30000 outlets. According to the Cadbury company it is for “ a different kind of audience”.
The company targets all age groups and targets middle and upper income classes of society.
The company focuses on those customers who have a taste for luxury goods and is able to appreciate the experience of enjoying a delectable chocolate that melts in the warmth of the mouth.


• Smoother and creamier in comparison to chocolates in Indian market
• Finger–licking, messy joy of chocolate eating ensured
• Not too expensive compared to other premium chocolates in the Indian market
• Melts easily due to the inclusion of milk fats in the recipe and there needs to be stored , transported and sold in presence of air

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