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The global strategy of Danone is to focus on health and nutrition and indeed it is one of the few agribusinesses group totally centred on the health. To define the external environment of Danone we can use the SLEPTS analysis in order to understand step by step the different criterias. Social Everyone needs to drink water so everyone is likely to buy water. Nowadays the alimentation is transformed by industrial process which is willing to develop metabolic deseases and cancer. The lack of food safety is growing and there is an urbanization of population sedentary lifestyles in developed countries at an international level. If Danone respects each culture it has a lot of opportunities to expand its business in dairy products and baby nutrition.…show more content…
They have become really transigent and the competition is hard. Nestlé is the main competitor of Danone. But customers are connected to brands, which are for them security and responsabilty value. Danone has understood this and puts its strategy on “feel better and healthier”. The group has facilities to adapt its products to the trends and the tastes of customers. Answering the fluctuating demand is one of the biggest advantages of the company and we have seen that each new product has been successful. Because Danone’s products are accessible, easy to buy, and improve the quality of life. Danone has rapidly expanded internationally by using existing commercial relationships to introduce its products in certain international markets and therefore accelerate its own geographic expansion as well as the international development of its brands. B. Customer acquisition and…show more content…
It encourage healthy eating habits by working with schools, consumers, media, authorities and healthcare professionals. Danone communicate a lot with consumers and the company has established procedures for validating nutrition and health-related advertising. It has also encouraged physical activity and developed educational programs. Danone has focused its strategy on quality. The company has managers who are capable of analyzing and anticipating customer needs. The brand has a high capacity to innovate. The nutritional value of a product must be balanced against consumer expectations in terms of flavor and pleasure. The second point is that Danone wants to reduce its packaging volume therefore taking action on three places: Innovation Reduction at source (reducing the weight of packaging) Recycling Danone also sells affordable products for low-income consumers. It launched Danone’s affordability initiative. It developed its products for local needs at an affordable price because these kind of consumers wil only buy what they need each day and will choose the cheapest products. Products still have their nutritional value and their quality. Conclusion Danone has developed its business internationally especially in economically emerging countries and has focused its brand awareness on health and well-being. It has established its strategy around 5 mains factors. Danone’s growth

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